One day trip to this amazing park of attractions, located in Wavre, close to Brussels, since 1975.

We started with the hardest ones: the roller coasters like the Vampire and Loup-Garou. 

It literally spins you around, up and down and in all possible directions. Although the rides are short…

1200px-Vampire_WBimages (1)


However, the Loup-Garou is a rollercoaster made of wood. And unsurprisingly loud! The map shows it is one of the longest routes.


Some funny things we took like Spinning Vibe or Calamity mine or the Tutankhamon experience  🙂 A bit childish but why not? Never stop feeding the kid in yourself.


But the most recent thing opened and what brings the most attraction is the Pulse. Although it looks scary, but once it brings you up and down, you kinds start to enjoy, at least I did. But then it is over.

Although I was not aloud the scream cause I just recently healed the hematoma on my vocal chords. -.-

After it brings you up and down, the last downing is actually almost diving into the water. So we were wet, completely.





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