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Month: April 2017

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Trieste, Italy

Trieste has been called the ultimate nowhere-place: officially part of several successive countries and empires through the ages, yet spiritually bound to none of them. Many of the 200,000 Triestine, I came to learn, do not see themselves as truly Italian. They belong to Trieste, and Trieste alone. In fact, a small but committed independence […]

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TrakoŇ°ńáan castle, Croatia

Being placed atop a small hill in northern Croatia,¬†TrakoŇ°ńáan Castle looks like a fairytale castle, proudly peeking its spires. It dates back to the 13 century as pat of¬†fortification system and small observation fortress for monitoring the road from Ptuj, Slovenia. According to a legend, TrakoŇ°ńáan was named after another fortification (arx Thacorum) that was […]

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Ptuj castle, I feel sLOVEnia

This time in Slovenia, my brother and I visited Styria region again. We woke up earlier and took our car to the road from my hometown Krapina in Croatia. Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia. There is evidence that the area was settled in the Stone Age and¬†the Late Iron Age when it was […]

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Macedonia: Skopje and Mavrovo

The very beautiful Macedonia (FYR of Macedonia, to be more exact) ūüôā after belonging to many empires over time, it is nowadays mostly shared¬†by Christians and Muslims, who still come together at the fascinating Old Bazaar in Skopje, one of the Balkans’ largest markets. The territory of Skopje has been inhabited since the times of […]

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Midnight in St Petersburg

¬†Revolutionary Russia, the main character¬†Inna Feldman, who decides to flee Kiev after witnessing the assassination of Prime Minister Stolypin in a theatre, is ¬†a Jewish orphan and by that fact almost inappropriate in a society. She is travelling to ¬†St Petersburg to a distant relative in search of safety and security. There she faces two […]

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Winter in Madrid

Set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, Winter in Madrid,¬†by C. J. Sansom¬†is about three British citizens already scarred by their experiences of life and warfare when they come to Madrid. Harry Brett accepts a Special Intelligence Service mission in Franco’s Spain, when the armies of fascism seemed invincible and the Communist revolution […]

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Palermo, Sicily

So much to discover about about Sicilian capital, and so less time… I had a day and a half and made my best of the days! I woke up early in the morning and crashed into the buzz of the Saturday’s streets. The city is such a mixture of Western, Islamic and Byzantine styles which […]

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The Landscapes of Sicily ‚ėÄ

The largest of italian islands, seeking for independence and great place of landscapes – it is a gift of God! My 8 days of discovering northern part of Sicily was just not enough! ūüôā So here is how it started! Prior landing to Palermo Airport, we flew over crater of¬†Etna –¬†3,323 m high¬†volcano that is […]