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Month: November 2017

History 10

Liverpool, UK. A Beatles hub.

Taking the historical first railroad from Manchester to Liverpool, opened 1830 I arrived shortly to this beautiful city.

The train station impressed me:


And just across is St George’s Hall.¬†It is a building in¬†Neoclassical¬†style which contains concert halls and law courts.

St George’s Hall

I didn’t enter but continue my way towards Worls Museum, Walker Art Gallery and Central Library.


In front of the Library at its entrance is this floor written with famous fairytailes. Ufortunately I haven’t find the one about Red Riding Hood but there was this Lonely Hearts Club… ūüôā


Liverpool Town Hall stands as an outstanding and complete example of late Georgian decoration  (18th century).

Liverpool Town Hall

Walking down the street I ended up at docks with beautiful buildings and museums. The River Mersey is just there before it faces the Atlantic ocean.




River Mersey

Remember the song Gerry and Pacemakers: Ferry cross the Mersey, from 1958? ūüôā Or You’ll Never Walk Alone?

And Beatles? As this is their hometown… and everything else in this city is just about them. ūüôā


At the Albert dock I visited Museum of Liverpool which explains the industrial revolution of the city, the explosion of the pop culture in the 20th century and football.


Poor quartiers of Liverpool during Industrial Revolution

Taking about the pop culture, the city’s first was her: Lita Roza. I was so glad. (the feminist in me hails). ūüôā


And then this bird everywhere I went…


I took some photos of the docks by walking down the river. The chimneys whitness factory history and bricks are everywhere around you look.


In Liverpool you can find the biggest Cathedral in United Kingdom. The cathedral is the 5th biggest in the world, built on St James’s Mount¬†in 20th century.


I finshed my day by visiting pubs area, more specifically The Caverns Club where Beatles first performed as a local band. The pub is nice museum with live shows and many tribute to songs are on. You can see photos of Beatles on the walls, their disco boards, photo of princ Charles andCamila visiting the pub or buy Beatles t-shirt as you are walking around with your beer.

I was impressed by the age of people in the club, twisting like they are in their best ages. ūüôā The spirit there is really amazing!

You can see the video of the atmosphere on my Facebook Blog page or Instagram as I was attending the Tribute to Beatles show.

And yes the entire pub district is about them:

abbey 31

Manchester love, UK

They call you love in Manchester. The taxi driver, the lady at the cashmashine, your friend that recently moved to Manchester, the guy who wants randomly pay your drink at the bar etc…

The vibe is so good.



I arrived a bit before midnight to the airport at needed to take the taxi to my hotel.

I was happily surprised that Little Black Cab is waiting for me in front of the building. ūüôā

And there is so many room in this car.









My hotel was a bit far away from the city Рin Stockport. So I was taking a Doubledecker and explored a bit the suburbeans of Manchester. It is part of Greater Manchester and where the River Goyt and Tame merge to create the River Mersey.


When I arrived to the city, my first stop was the Picadilly Gardens – there she was, the Queen Victoria sitting in her glory of imperialism. So I got my first hint – the city was developed under her reign.

I was caught with Saturday vibe, music in the street and youngsters scrolling down the center having their coffee-to-go. I shopped around, had my fast brunch and continue to discover.

The second stop was Town Hall¬†–¬†a¬†Victorian, neo-gothic¬†municipal building from 19th century.


I continued my way to more victorian epoche – The John Ryland’s Library. Now, if you thought Manchester is culturally empty – you are wrong! This a¬†late-Victorian¬†neo-Gothic¬†building on¬†Deansgate was opened to public in 1900 by¬†¬†Enriqueta Augustina Rylands¬†in memory of her husband,¬†John Rylands.


Enriqueta Augustina Rylands

This victorian lady, meaning in seek for education got the special collections  believed to be among the largest in the United Kingdom from medieval illuminated manuscripts and examples of early European printing, including a Gutenberg Bible, the second largest collection of printing by William Caxton, and the most extensive collection of the editions of the Aldine Press of Venice Рa Venetian humanist, scholar, and educators press foundation (probably the first in Europe) that printed Bible and literature wworks in local veneto language rather than in Latin due to mass education of people.


Letter written by Martin Luther to Germany


First edition of Ulysses by James Joyce


In the times of Reformation, King Henry VIII executed both Protestants and Catholics who challenged his reformation (Anglican Church). This included prominent figures like his Chancellor Thomas More who wrote Utopia, about the political system of an imaginary, ideal island nation.

This public executions were suppose to serve as warning to others but they attracted the crowd from many cities across England.


Example of print machine in The Library


With discovery of printing press the Lutheran’s message helped to spread across Europe and further to new continents.

Clearly it was a war in print as Luther printed many pamphlets and documents.















Below the examples of Martin Luther’s thesis agaist the Indulgence¬†–¬†(in the Roman Catholic Church) a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory for money, widespread during the later Middle Ages.

Following this path, in 19th century Manchester became the world’s first great industrial city. It gained international reputation during the 19th century industrial revolution for making cotton and other textiles.

Many radical and innovative ideas about politics, economics and science have emerged from this complex urabn community. Hence I visited People’s History Museum¬†where the story is told in following way:

123185-121653 (1)Manchester was the world’s first great industrial city. It gained an international reputation during the 19th century for making cotton and other textiles. As the production was spreading, the need for more people working on machines was needed but these were working in very poor conditions, 16 hours per day and child labour was a very known fact.


In 1819 during the peaceful demonstrations requiring the right to vote, 18 people were killed in the Peterloo Massacre.

The Industrial revolution was a period of great change which brought to Great Reform Act and Thories and Wigs and Liberals. The museum describes the roots of todays British political parties and establishment.


The museum is former storage warehouse so I was making photos of rests of old machines, the dam door etc as it is placed at the river Irwell at Salford Рformer commercial area with many boats taking goods and warehouses.


Canals and later railways provided efficient methods of transporting goods. The invention of steem machine resulted with first railway between Manchester and Liverpool.

Over the past 200 years Manchester have developed into a vibrant community. Individuals such as John Dalton achieved world Рwide recognition for their contributions to science and technology. Hence first atom was split in Mnachester, first computer comes from Manchester University etc.

Several important political campaign started in Manchester including the sufragette movement. 

Frydryk Chopin (polish/ french composer) enjoyed his time in Manchester too. He visited the city a ear before his death in age of 39. He performed despite his great illness insisting to allow people of England to enjoy his music.

In tribute to Frydryk Chopin

Continuing through Deansgate –¬†a main road through the city centre I went to Manchester Cathedral and Medieval Quarter. My heart wanted to melt as I adore meadieval times and cozy wooden bars.

The Cathedral was currently under renovation, especially the tower.


But this absolutely amazed me ūüôā



I needed to buy myself a book ūüėÄ ūüėÄ


Talking about churches, I ended up in some Hidden Gem and entered the St Ann Church. The Holy Stations are completely 21st century – never seen so far and it is great mystery to discover the content even though is well known.




The last tourist site I visited was the National Football Museum. I entered there for free. Don’t understand how but I was with some children’s group and we all entered and started to admire gained trophies of England.


I finished my day in a pub drinking some local beer from Stockport of¬†a funky name: Dizzie Blonde. That night the Manchester United and Newcastle were playing football and the rivalry was quite big. The crowd in pub was merry and cheerful. ūüôā



The next day I visited Liverpool.

But if anyone ever asks me to choose: Manchester is love!


Books 345

The Secret of the Turin Shroud

At the beginning a bit borring but then you get into the secrets of the Vatican and catholic church.

As the most spectacular murder in Los Angeles happens, the detectives are on their way to end up in Turin, Italy where the shroud of Jesus Chirst lays…. in all its secrets…

Shroud of Turin  is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who is alleged to be Jesus of Nazareth. In the book is an inspiration of a mass murderer from Los Angeles.

A federal agent –  expert in religious iconography – exposes a demented killer from LA and an intricate conspiracy that dates back to the death of Christ.

The book is packed with fascinating information about the most controversial religious icon in the world, The Turin Shroud Secret.

Books 5

The Bourbon Kings

For generations, the Bradford family is the synonym for the best world wide bourbon. The spirit that comes from Kentucky, USA and made of corn.

The sustained wealth of the Brandford family has afforded them prestige and privilege‚ÄĒas well as a hard-won division of class on their sprawling estate, Easterly.


As family tensions‚ÄĒprofessional and intimately private‚ÄĒignite, Easterly and all its inhabitants are thrown into the grips of an irrevocable transformation, and only the cunning will survive.

History 6

Alexandria, USA

Just a bit lower of Washington, a minutes away by train is mythical city of Alexandria. Not the Egyptian Alexandria, but the USA version. Controversial as it is, maybe was named after this great egyptian city to restore the glory and power of new civilisations that came to USA after European religious expells in 16th and 17th century.
20944-alexandria-locator-mapAn independent city,  located along the western bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria is approximately 11 km south of downtown Washington, D.C.




When coming there, already from the train was possible to see The George Washington Masonic National Memorial. This building is called Masonic building (free masonry) and a memorial. It is dedicated to the memory of George Washington, the first President of the United States and a Mason.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial

As I mentioned, the building is constructed on the memory of  fashioned ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.

Alexandria is largely populated by professionals working in the federal civil service so it is nice to take a walk through the hilled streets and enjoy the early 18th century architecture of the family houses.