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Month: November 2017

History 10

Liverpool, UK. A Beatles hub.

Taking the historical first railroad from Manchester to Liverpool, opened 1830 I arrived shortly to this beautiful city. The train station impressed me: And just across is St George’s Hall. It is a building in Neoclassical style which contains concert halls and law courts. I didn’t enter but continue my way towards Worls Museum, Walker Art Gallery and […]

abbey 31

Manchester love, UK

They call you love in Manchester. The taxi driver, the lady at the cashmashine, your friend that recently moved to Manchester, the guy who wants randomly pay your drink at the bar etc… The vibe is so good.   I arrived a bit before midnight to the airport at needed to take the taxi to […]

Books 345

The Secret of the Turin Shroud

At the beginning a bit borring but then you get into the secrets of the Vatican and catholic church. As the most spectacular murder in Los Angeles happens, the detectives are on their way to end up in Turin, Italy where the shroud of Jesus Chirst lays…. in all its secrets… Shroud of Turin  is a […]

Books 5

The Bourbon Kings

For generations, the Bradford family is the synonym for the best world wide bourbon. The spirit that comes from Kentucky, USA and made of corn. The sustained wealth of the Brandford family has afforded them prestige and privilege—as well as a hard-won division of class on their sprawling estate, Easterly. As family tensions—professional and intimately […]

History 6

Alexandria, USA

Just a bit lower of Washington, a minutes away by train is mythical city of Alexandria. Not the Egyptian Alexandria, but the USA version. Controversial as it is, maybe was named after this great egyptian city to restore the glory and power of new civilisations that came to USA after European religious expells in 16th […]