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Month: October 2016

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All the weirdness in Sofia

Bulgaria is hitting an economic boom! The tech sector is growing and is the main focus of the country’s start-up activity, with the capital Sofia at the centre. Sofia’s grey communist-era of the cityscape is slowly vanished and gives the place to shine to beautified golden Orthodox domes, leafy parks and the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. […]

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Berlin, the I am sorry

The capital of Germany, Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the german capital, internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, its many cafĂŠs, clubs, bars, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest. Although badly damaged in the final years of World War II and broken apart during the Cold War, […]

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Katherine Swynford  was a wife of John Gaunt – the Duke of Lancaster in 14 century. Their marriage came as a quite scandal. She was poor and shy, raised in a monastery by nuns,  but still kinda sensual and warm. She was a Duke’s lover for many years before their marriage. All the trouble of Katherine and […]

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The Courtesan’s Lover

It’s 1564. Francesca Felizzi is beautiful and talented courtesan that knows how to entertain her customers and make them her patrons so she can enjoy luxury items and moments in her life. Her loyal servant, Modesto, a castrato, sits always outside her bedroom door ready to defend her if necessary. Francesca writes her diary about her […]

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Venezia, La Serenissima

First time I went to Venice, Italy it was with my grandfather and my brother. We arrived to the outskirts of the city by bus and then took a water taxi to get into the city. The city center is a set of islands connected by bridges and channels through which the gondolas are operating as […]

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The black pool of Dublin

Landing in Dublin was like this: So from the moment I realised why the city was named dark black pool. Namely, the name Dublin comes from the Gaelic word Dublind, meaning “black, dark”, and lind  meaning “pool”, referring to a dark tidal pool where the River Poddle entered the Liffey on the site of the […]

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✮ New York, New York âœŽ

Not many cities I visited took my breath away. Although I travel a lot and each city or country leaves a different taste in my mouth and it is particularly placed in my travel heart and mind. A trip to Big Apple was inspiring, amazing, challenging (especially when running for metro lines and trying to figure […]
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10 times Bruxelles je t’aime!

Brussels is considered to be boring, dull and overrun by Eurocrats, but it is actually a hidden gem which takes time to discover. When people ask me do I like Brussels and living here, I usually answer that the city and I have a very schizophrenic relationship – we love each other,   we hate each other. […]

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She was living in a constant fear that something important and nice in her life she will miss. She traveled a lot and suffered even more when she did not travel. She felt like the real fun and happiness are always somewhere else. Constantly she was full of plans and how to catch them by […]