The author is Simon Sebag Montefiore – one of my favourite writers.

The story follows the prohibited love affair of two which came to light in 1945. While Russia celebrates victory over the Nazis, shootings are scattered in the midst of the great Moscow celebration: on the earth are the lifeless body of two students, young men and girls in costumes from the 19th century.

It is about the boys of Soviet leaders who attend the most prominent school in the country. Was it a murder? Or a suicide? Or love triangle? And maybe even a riot against Stalin – or one of the leader’s ruthless intrigues?


The entire story is a complete missunderstanding where young students are encouraged by romantict poets like Puškin, acting the drama play while the dangerous times of communism are more and more surrounding them.

Missunderstanding becomes even deeper when Stalin orders to investigate the murder as  a potential conspiracy theory against him.


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    • Hey there 🙂 I don’t read books of that kind, but I can recommend you the historical novels through which lifes of historical women were described and their voice in the extremely men dominated world…


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