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Month: September 2018

Castle 25

Waterloo, Belgium

A day trip to the south of Brussels, to be more precise – Brabant region in Wallonie which is the site of the Battle of Waterloo, where the resurgent Napoleon was defeated for the final time in 1815. We started with the visit to the museum which takes you to the times of enlightenment and ideas of the 18th […]

Life in Brussels 18

Walibi park, Belgium

One day trip to this amazing park of attractions, located in Wavre, close to Brussels, since 1975. We started with the hardest ones: the roller coasters like the Vampire and Loup-Garou.  It literally spins you around, up and down and in all possible directions. Although the rides are short… However, the Loup-Garou is a rollercoaster made of […]