Cleopatra’s Alexandria (nowaday’s Egypt) is tragically fallen after Caesar‘s assassination in 1 century BCE, and her allieanation with Mark Antony (the following Roman Emperor).

Cleopatra kills herself with letting the royal cobra snake bites her.

Her twins children survived and they are ment to rule Alexandria together as half-gods The Sun and The Moon.

Selena (daughter of Mark Antony) was taken from Egypt and together with her twoin brother Ptolomey and half-brother Cesarion (the son of Cesar Augustus) were exhibited in Rome as a war trophy. The Romans kept them chained by chains through the city.

However, at the moment their life is about to end, they are saved by the emperor’s nurse who takes them to a home for the royal orphan. Egypt is deeply enrolled in Selena’s heart and she is ready to re-build the empire again in the name of her mother Cleopatra.




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