A charming small fishermen village – this is how would I call it. Not even much tourists around to see as the beaches are made of lava rocks that don’t make your day spending on the beach much comfortable.

This city is upon the Ionian coast and rises the seaside – just 15 km north from Catania.

The residential area is set around a small pleasant port, called Scalo Grande. I found it cute. Especially with all these elders sitting at their balconies or in front of the houses, watching the life passing in the streets.

Again, I haven’t had a chance to enter to the church but I am sure days will render me back to this place. 🙂 The church that is still used for mass was built after the 1693 earthquake; so I will come back to admire the paintings by Michele Vecchio.

The city was founded just below the old watermill (Mulino ad acqua) that is still in use, fed as it was in the past by the gorge of Miuccio flowing from Timpa and from the North by the amazing “Grotta delle Colombe” (cave of doves) accessible by sea. 

I have spent the day on these rocks, reading my book about Borgia family (much about Rome and Catalunya and Florence). It was a sunny Sunday, not too hot. So I wanted to treat myself to a restaurant nearby named by the mentioned eponymous well of life. Sicilians are not very organised people and they like to talk a lot and explain and repeat before any action. I entered the restaurant and even though it was half empty I had to take a reservation. Fair enough. I went out, I crossed the road and reserved for just about 45 min after. I returned back and got a seat with a view to the sea – just what I needed. Except that the noise around me was the highest level of restaurant noise I have experienced – ever. And these were not tourists around me.

Never mind. At least I wasn’t looking at the trash for couple of hours.

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