And just above Santa Maria La Scala is home to numerous churches of neo-gothic and typical Sicilian baroque style. Sicilian dialect calls it Jaciriali. I am trying to understand the rules of a dialect here too. Wish me good luck 😛

In Sicily, I found so far three nymphe’s that were born here. One of them is Galatea – the sea-nymph. According to tradition, the city’s origins trace back to Xiphonia, a mysterious Greek colony whose location is unknown. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, there is a great love between Ā́cis, the spirit of the Ā́cis River, and Galatea the sea-nymph. According to mythology, the tears of Galatea after the death of Ā́cis gave birth to the Ā́cis River, Fiume di Jaci, flowing past Acireale.

The statue of Aci and Galatea, villa Belvedere, Acireale

The Aci Reale Cathedral dates from 16th century located in the Piazza Duomo. A spacious area mainly filled by kids still playing in the street. For some things, I am glad Sicily is 70 years behind the schedule.

However, I was not that much lucky to explore the exterior facades of the cathedral as they were under construction. Something left to be re-visited again.

While Acireale is not a major tourist destination, the two basilicas and the cathedral are close together in the centre so a short visit is very interesting.

Una passegiata is always recommended to do. Accompanied with the looks that fall on the medieval streets and baroque facades. With many hidden gems.

During the Expedition of the Thousand in 1861, led by Garibaldi and which liberated Sicily from the rule of the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples, Acireale was the first town to rebel against the Neapolitan rule. Perhaps this is the reason to have a strong carnival here. Just kidding, the traces go much deeper.

As usual, nothing goes explored enough without a little nourishment. This time the avocado tastings. At the fertile foothills of Mount Etna, they grove under Sicily’s blue skies.

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