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Month: September 2017

Books 6

Russian Concubine

Russian Concubine and the Secret of a Concubine are 2 beautiful novels that start in St Petersburg right after the First Russian Revolution and the aristocracy is killed to give the room to communism and shared state property. The beautiful pianist Valentina Ivanova somehow managed to escape and buy a five-year-old daughter, Lidija, with her […]

cathedrals 142

Zadar and islands, Croatia <3

Every summer, since I was a child, we would travel to the Island of Ugljan placed in the archipelag of the city of Zadar. This year I did the same trip. Flying from my lovely Brussels  to Zadar where I was supposed to meet my brother Martin who was travelling from the norther  part of Croatia […]

Books 5

Red Tent

This story is from biblical times and as such follows The Bible and the  Genesis 34,  but it is different in many important ways. It is explaining how women in time of their periods needed to stay in red tent, telling each other’s story to amuse themselves. It is the story of women in the men […]

Books 4

Princess Sultana

The story of Princess Sultan is true. The words are the authors’, but the story is princesses’. The shocking human tragedies described in this book are factual. In a country still ruled by kings, she is a princess. The men of her country hold firmly patriarchal laws. The Saudi Arabian male’s honor rests on the […]