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Month: August 2017

Books 7

Wolf from steppe

This is an epic story about¬†Genghis Khan – a founder of the¬†Mongol Empire, which became the¬†largest contiguous empire¬†in history after his death. He came to power by uniting many of the¬†nomadic tribes¬†of¬†Northeast Asia in 12th and 12th century. Invading Europe many times, it is said that 1/5 of the descendants in Europe and directly from […]

abbey 3

Pillars of Light

The monks gave him the name John Savage. He as a savage for them, living with them in some abbey in the Northern England, raping him and beating. After this John would usually fall into epilepsy. Monks were calling it a devil’s attack. John escapes with his mysterious Maur man… somehow there is something about […]

Books 4

Lotos from Nile

Cleopatra’s Alexandria (nowaday’s Egypt) is tragically fallen after¬†Caesar‘s assassination¬†in 1 century BCE, and her allieanation with¬†Mark Antony (the following Roman Emperor). Cleopatra kills herself with letting the royal cobra snake bites her. Her twins children survived and they are ment to rule Alexandria together as half-gods The Sun and The Moon. Selena¬†(daughter of Mark Antony) […]

Home page 10

Vrelo Bosnia

Not far away from the capital  Sarajevo, there is a Spring of Bosnia river. Getting there is a bit challengong, but walking distance is not more than 1h 30 min – slower walking tour. When I was there back in 2009, there was no charge to get in. But later in 2015 they started to charge […]