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Month: July 2017

abbey 12

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina

So many times I have been to this country… most recently I have visited Sarajevo as my friends were getting married… This time I will not upload the map of the country, as Sarajevo is the Olympic city and should be known to many of travellers… Let me start with the most beautiful thing in […]

Books 3

One night in Winter

The author is Simon Sebag Montefiore –¬†one of my favourite writers. The story follows the prohibited love affair of two which came to light in 1945. While Russia celebrates victory over the Nazis, shootings are scattered in the midst of the great Moscow celebration: on the earth are the lifeless body of two students, young […]

History 20

The boat lift of Str√©py-Thieu, Belgium

At the end of the Second World War, it was clear that the Belgian system of canals and waterways needed to be standardised and suitable for 1,350 tonne barges ‚Äď a step up from the traditional fleet of barges used on the canals, with a maximum capacity of only 300 tonnes. Additionally, the European Conference […]

abbey 16

Bonn, Germany – tracing the life of Beethoven

Again one of those hop on – hop off excursions or daily trips from Brussels. The city is situated on the banks of the¬†river¬†¬†Rhine in the German state of¬†North Rhine-Westphalia, and as such is one of the oldest cities in Germany. ¬†First traces of human settlement are dating back as far as 50,000 years until […]

Castle 29

Heidelberg ‚ėÜ Germany

A college city, monden by its appearance and so- calleed the romantic city in the region of¬†Baden-W√ľrttemberg,¬†situated on the river¬†Neckar¬†in south-west¬†Germany. It is located only 78 km from Frankfurt. The city’s charm is in the peaceful lifestyle and historical happenings.   The city was founded¬†¬†in the 5th century BC, as a Celtic¬†fortress of refuge and […]

Books 5

Richard’s Queen

Philippa Gregory is one of the best historical novel writers nowadays. Her most famous iteration of books is The Cousin’s Wars¬†describing through her novels the War of Roses¬†for control of the¬†throne of England¬†fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal¬†House of Plantagenet: the¬†House of Lancaster¬†(associated with a red rose), and the¬†House of York¬†(whose […]

Books 12

Imprimatur l and ll

The book comes in two sequels, written by two authors Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti.¬† The place of happening is¬†Rome, in September 1683. While the Turkish army spends on the borders of the West and opens Vienna, the sudden death of a passenger at the inn in the center of the Holy City invites the […]