The monks gave him the name John Savage. He as a savage for them, living with them in some abbey in the Northern England, raping him and beating. After this John would usually fall into epilepsy. Monks were calling it a devil’s attack.

John escapes with his mysterious Maur man… somehow there is something about both of them being together. They are travelling around England and collecting the money for King’s Richard The Lionsheart’s exhibition to the Crusades.


Richard The Lionsheart  (historical fact) is so keen on warpath to Jerusalem and Near East that he is ready to sell London to get the money.  Luckily, someone else in Wallonie sold his castle for this cause. You can find the post where I am visiting this castle in Bouillon here.



In the city of Akra, nearby Jerusalem, (then Syria, nowadays at the terriotry of Israel) at the same time, the two lovers of jewish and muslim origins are having their own paradise. Before the ships from Europe arrive and Crusade war starts…

Reading this book, I was constantly thinking about the current situation in Syria and how history is showing us how we never ever learn anything from the past lessons. Historia magistr vitae est. 

As a political scientist of comparative politics, I was commparing the beheadings that Crusader warriors ordered with nowadays fanatics beheadings of the extrimists.

Terrorism is nothing new and it doesn’t go down to one culture or religion.






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