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Category: Life in Brussels

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Tournai, Belgium

Guess what’s new? – Corona. Guess how long it will last? – China. Never mind. The travel ban is still on for Belgium, so explorations within the country continues. This weekend was reserved for Tournai. A beautiful city on the west of Belgium. Kinda looks like Lille at the first sight.  Although, being part of […]

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Still pandemic times, less travels and huge desire to go somewhere new. In case I haven’t mention yet, thank you China. One big f***ing thank you. Anyways, how about some snow? Belgian Ardennes are a good answer. Fresh and healthy winter air with lots of white cover. Why this city? Except the fact that we […]

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The Ardennes ⛰️

The Ardennes is the name given to a region of Belgium in the south that extends into Luxembourg, France and Germany. This southern region is totally different from the busy, industrial north. The things available to do in this region are as varied as you might imagine and include some great museums, plenty of beer […]

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Lier, Belgium

Week 9 of Quarantine after chinese virus we were finally allowed to leave our own city and make a small change in our lives. Belgium is a tiny country but still many options were appearing. The choice fell on Flanders region. The small city called Lier. Cute, surprisingly big, with canals just like in Amsterdam […]

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Pairi Daiza zoo, Belgium

Pairi Daiza (formerly Paradisio) is a privately owned zoo and botanical garden located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. The park is thematically divided so we started with domestic animals 🙂 We continued towards the monkeys, but there was some garden on our way – perfect to take photos. Some ducks and guises before the monkeys 🙂 Finally the monkeys in cambodian temple… In […]

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Waterloo, Belgium

A day trip to the south of Brussels, to be more precise – Brabant region in Wallonie which is the site of the Battle of Waterloo, where the resurgent Napoleon was defeated for the final time in 1815. We started with the visit to the museum which takes you to the times of enlightenment and ideas of the 18th […]

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Walibi park, Belgium

One day trip to this amazing park of attractions, located in Wavre, close to Brussels, since 1975. We started with the hardest ones: the roller coasters like the Vampire and Loup-Garou.  It literally spins you around, up and down and in all possible directions. Although the rides are short… However, the Loup-Garou is a rollercoaster made of […]

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Castle van Gaasbeek, Belgium

Since I got myself a car: her name is Tintine, we decided to drive around Brussels and explore. My Flemish friend recommended Castle van Gaasbeek –  apparently the most romantic castle of Belgium. The castle was initially built in 13th century as part of the wider line of defence to protect Brussels but changed it’s […]

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The boat lift of StrĂ©py-Thieu, Belgium

At the end of the Second World War, it was clear that the Belgian system of canals and waterways needed to be standardised and suitable for 1,350 tonne barges – a step up from the traditional fleet of barges used on the canals, with a maximum capacity of only 300 tonnes. Additionally, the European Conference […]

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Route de Chimay

My friend and I decided to go on  great Chimay tour for a grand weekend in Belgium. We sat in her car (hot as it was 34 degrees outside) and drove south of Brussels through Ardennes and Wallonie.  Our first stop was a brewery Beers and Cheeses of Chimay. We tasted samples of beers and decided to […]

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Flanders: Brugge, Gent, Antwerpen, Leuven, Oostende

Upon my arrival to Brussels, I started to explore Belgium by visiting other cities. Everyone’s recommendation is always the Flanders and the most popular tourist place Brugge. Although, later I will discover the south of Belgium, Valonie. 🙂 Flanders is a Dutch speaking part of Belgium, at the north of the country with important place in […]

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Christmasing in Brussels

Living in Brussels gets special glow in the time of Christmas. There are many Winter Wonders and of course the Christmas Market where local delicious smell at long distance 🙂 Usually the Winter wonders (fra. Plaisirs d’Hiver) stretche over 2.5km through the Grand Place, the Bourse, Place Ste Catherine, the fish market and Henri Maus and Bouse-de-Brouckère […]
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10 times Bruxelles je t’aime!

Brussels is considered to be boring, dull and overrun by Eurocrats, but it is actually a hidden gem which takes time to discover. When people ask me do I like Brussels and living here, I usually answer that the city and I have a very schizophrenic relationship – we love each other,   we hate each other. […]