Rapallo was never on my list. I never thought there could actually be something about this city. It lies on the Ligurian Sea coast, just between Cinque Terre and Genoa. As a girl from Croatia, I know it from the history books as the Treaty of Rapallo was signed there, in Villa Pagana, formerly known as Villa Spinola. A treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed Yugoslavia in 1929) by which Croatia lost its entire Dalmatian coast and became Mussollini’s ally. This is the reason why The House of Savoy (Italian: Casa Savoia) claims the territory of Croatia in today’s time.

So yes, the city is famous for its vilas. To be correct, entire Liguria coast is famous for villas placed on cliffs. Driving up the coast from Cinque Terre was super interesting with many details to spot and think about the aristocracy and the past.

It’s was colourful—the blue sea, the green mountain backdrop, the elegant hotels and villas painted terracotta and mustard and pink. The marina at one end is home to fancy new yachts while at the other a tiny 16th-century castle juts out of the sea. The entire city has this poshy outlook and feels lush and lavish. I loved Rapallo as soon as I took my first walk along the palm-tree-lined promenade.

The city has its own medieval site which is again just a place of deluxe: fancy restaurants and souvenir shops. Rapallo has a relaxed seaside holiday vibe.

I loved being in the heart of the action with locals crowded into the narrow lanes chatting, shopping for fresh pasta, eating gelato, drinking an aperitivo in a pavement cafe, or just strolling on the evening passeggiata

So long for now. It was a quick stop as my Tintine was driving up toward Genoa and further toward France. Perhaps I will come back in the spring when more shops will be open and less constructions on the road happening. I mean, even such, Rapallo amused me. 🙂

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