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Month: October 2017

Books 12

The Salt Road

The magnificent Sahara and the Berber tribes that belongs to it are wonderfully described in this book: Izzy discovers that her amulet is a Tuareg artefact containing an inscription in Tifinagh, a language of the ancient world used for poetry and magic, understood now only by nomads in the deep desert. The desert routes once […]

food and drink 26

Philadelphia, USA

Historic Philadelphia amazed me with fll leaves and its tranquility. The Founding Fathers of the United States gathered here to develop the Free Masonry and build the country. They signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution in 1787. Philadelphia at the time of the American Revolution, it was the largest and most important city in America. Founded by William Penn as a […]

food and drink 42

Washington, USA

Early fall in 2015 I have spent in the East cost of USA, visiting New York, Washington and Philadelphia. Each of those cities impressed me in a different way as each ofg them holds the unique atmosphere. Washington for example is a grid with many wide avenues. The signing of the Residence Act in 1790, approved the […]

Books 6

Burial Rites

by Hannah Kent Even though this book is a fiction, it is based on true events. Agnes MagnĂşsdĂłttir is the last person executed on Iceland, accused of participating in the murder of Nathan Ketilsson and Peter Jonsson on the night between 13 and 14 March 1828 in Illugastadir, on the Vatnsnes peninsula in northern Iceland. The story […]

History 21

Veere and canals, Netherlands

I was driving a boat! Seriously. I did. For more than 20 minutes! 🙂 This one: You have my photo of driving this thing on Instagram. Scroll down for the account. Meanwhile, let’s start properly. We  started at the canals close to the city of Veere. I was surprised how everything is so green green. […]

Castle 44

The Hague, Netherlands

So modern, so vivid! The featured image explains the entire concept of this city: historical statues vs. modern buildings and institutions vs. hispterish restaurants. But I adore it! Especially because of the restaurants and the atmosphere created there. Plus, it is the city with the sea – enough said. 🙂 On the map of Europe […]

Books 6

Sultan’s Wife

Morocco, 1677. The tyrannical King Ismail resides over the palace of Meknes. Through the sweltering heat of the palace streets, Nus Nus is his slave. He is  circumsized, of course, and as eunuh fights his emotions. Meanwhile, young, fair Alys Swann is captured during her crossing to England, where she is due to be wed. […]

Castle 19

Versailles castle, France

Visiting Versailles is inevitable when you are visiting Paris. I took the 45 min train and decided to go for a one day trip. It all started as a humble hunting lodge in 1624 by Louis XIII, and then when king Louis XIV decided to move the residence from the center of Paris to  build  […]