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Month: January 2018

Castle 41

Warsaw, Poland

Great, big, diplomatic, historic, curteous, quite and calm Warsaw. But then comes the night and you start with vodka and end up calling your ex in some Budda club at 2 am. It all started by my friend’s invitation to Warsaw. I arrived around 22:00 and first thing I saw was the¬†Palace of Culture and […]

cathedrals 34

Vatican city

When visiting Rome, inevitable to visit is the Vatican city. Having in mind my grandfather who visited Rome and Vatican in 1970’s, he was always telling me stories about this place. I was walking down the Via Leone IV thinking of him, reminding myself about the way he was telling his stories – I was […]

Castle 21

ūüĆě Canary island ūüĆě

From Tenerife¬†¬†I took the massive speed boat and went to Las Palmas de¬† Gran Canaria. On the map it looks like this: And the boat that I took looked like this:   It is actually quite nice inside, with the TV’s and the bar. The only thing I didn’t get and what I expected is […]

Castle 67

Tenerife – climbing the volcano

Tenerife is a volcanic island belonging to Canary Islands, which are part of Spain. It used be portugueese, then english, but in the end Pope Alexander VI¬†took the line and made them spanish spanish (further historical explanation in this article). ūüôā Tenerife¬†is the largest island of the¬†Canary Islands¬†archipelago, but also¬†is the largest and most populous […]

food and drink 38

Kiev, Ukraine

Never have I visited the country that is in a war… Although my plan to visit Ukraine – both Lavov and Kiev was some 8 years ago, initially. I was supposed to be there on Monday afternoon for meetings. But the traveler and history nerd in me couldn’t agree with that. So I got my […]