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Ch√Ęteau de Chantilly, France

The Ch√Ęteau de Chantilly is one of the finest jewels in the crown of France‚Äôs cultural heritage. It is the work of a man with an extraordinary destiny: Henri d‚ÄôOrl√©ans, Duke of Aumale, son of the last King of France, Louis-Philippe.  This historic French ch√Ęteau located in the town of Chantilly, Oise, about 50 kilometres north of Paris. The site […]

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From its dramatic natural surroundings to its historic churches, Sicily has something to offer every traveler. The island of Sicily is a unique part of Italy. Its craggy mountains, wild vegetation, and omnipresent sea have fired the imagination of poets, wayfarers, and visitors alike.  Though it is one of 20 Italian regions, its history under […]

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This is city is one of my favourite places in Sicily. Let me show you its magic! Taormina has been a tourist destination since the 19th century. Its beaches on the Ionian sea, including that of Isola Bella, are accessible via an aerial tramway built in 1992, and via highways from Messina in the north and Catania in the south. In 2017 Taormina […]

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¬†According to legend,¬†Daedalus¬†stayed in the city after his flight over the¬†Ionian Sea, as did¬†Hercules¬†after his seventh task – Capture the Cretan Bull. ūüôā In 9th century it was¬†conquered by the Muslims, who elevated the city to become a capital of one of the¬†three districts of the island¬†(the Val di Noto). In 11th century, it became […]

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The city’s name has its origins in the neighboring town of¬†Lentini. In 16th century, Vice-King Giovanni De Vega founded a new city in honour of Habsburg Emperor¬†Karlo V, naming it in Latin¬†Carleontini, or¬†Leontini of Carlo. In Italian, it became¬†Carlentini, and in the various Sicilian dialects,¬†Carrintini¬†or¬†Carruntini. They say in Sicily, you can recognise the flavour of […]

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It is located on the slope of Monte Caputo, overlooking the very fertile valley called¬†“La Conca d’oro”¬†(the Golden Shell), a production area of orange, olive and almond trees, the produce of which is exported in large quantities. The town, which has a population of approximately 39,000, is about 7 kilometers inland (south) of¬†Palermo, the regional […]

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Long time ago, my first visit to Sicily in 2012 was accompanied by visit to Palermo. I had a day only to visit so the story to tell was shorter. Now I am blessed to live on the Island of Sicily for a more extended time so I have more to tell. For the beginning, […]

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Syrakusa – Ortigia

When I discovered this city – I was driving quite often towards the south to hang around and be away from Catanian trash and dirt. This historical city has much to offer and makes you come back again and again. Where to start? Syracuse is mentioned in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles book at […]

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Aci Reale

And just above Santa Maria La Scala is home to numerous churches of neo-gothic and typical Sicilian baroque style. Sicilian dialect calls it Jaciriali. I am trying to understand the rules of a dialect here too. Wish me good luck ūüėõ In Sicily, I found so far three nymphe’s that were born here. One of […]

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Regensburg and Walhalla – Ausweis bitte!

Regensburg Best visiting is the golden hour visiting – every corner seems enlightened, every rooftop has its moment, every facade shows its magic pulled out from the history of being. And indeed, when strolling through Regensburg, you encounter evidence of the city’s magnificent history every step of the way. Regensburg is a city in eastern Bavaria, […]

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Prague vs. Brno, Czech Republic

The two cousins that like to compete. Prague is obviously the capital, and Brno a second biggest city in Czech Republic. It is quite clear that Prague is beautiful, great historical city and a capital which means way more opportunities, foreigners, tourists, businesses.On the other hand, Brno is a very compact city, with great atmosphere, […]

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Madeira island, Portugal – I discovered Atlantida

If you are not familiar with Madeira, it is a Portuguese island sitting in the¬†Atlantic Ocean¬†between Portugal and Morocco. It is an archipelago in region known as Macaronesia (group of volcanic islands: Azores, Madeira, Canary Island and Tenerife and Cabo Verde). History by Greeks claims this might be Atlantida. Plutarch writes the impressions of founding […]

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Koblenz, Deutschland

Visiting the Burg Eltz it was inevitable to stroll down the hills of ¬†Rhineland-Palatinate and explore. To be honest, the navigation was not up to date as bringing us to the closed local roads or reserved only for the local agricultural vehicles. But there is a beauty in getting lost like that! ūüôā Koblenz is […]

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Warsaw, Poland

Great, big, diplomatic, historic, curteous, quite and calm Warsaw. But then comes the night and you start with vodka and end up calling your ex in some Budda club at 2 am. It all started by my friend’s invitation to Warsaw. I arrived around 22:00 and first thing I saw was the¬†Palace of Culture and […]