Founded by the Swedish king Gustav as a new trading post to compete for Baltic Sea trade with Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Finland built up throughout the 17th century, yet it remained a somewhat sleepy, wooden housing town…

Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world. It does not receive sunshine for about consecutive 51 days in winters. The city has around 101 average annual days of snow and an amazing 169 average annual number of days below 0 Celsius.


First thing we visited was Helsinki Cathedral – the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral from 19 century and the National Library of Finland.

After enjoying the view on the city from the rooftop of the library, we decided to wander and shop around.


Ofcourse, we freezed ourselves as it was November, so we sat for glögi – a Christmas drink based on grape juice and flavoured with spices, served hot with raisins and almonds with a bit of the alcohols inside.

Late in the evening we went back to Raasepori – a 100 km away sport and spa resort where we had our accommodation. I have to admit, being surrounded with lakes, forests and deers made my soul fresh, even though it was – 15 degrees. 🙂 At least, we had a great saunas. Some of us dared to jump in cold lakes after chilling. Bzzzzzzz….


  1. Looks amazing. And Cold 🙂 I admit I am a sun person, I love the beach, the sun and the ocean, but I do want to travel all over the Scandinavian countries and Helsinki is on my very long list 🙂 of cities I want to visit there.


  2. So many wonderful places in the world! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see as much as I want to! Amazing post! I loved the description of the grape drink! Must be amazing to experience such cold climate! 😀


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