It’s 1564. Francesca Felizzi is beautiful and talented courtesan that knows how to entertain her customers and make them her patrons so she can enjoy luxury items and moments in her life.

Her loyal servant, Modesto, a castrato, sits always outside her bedroom door ready to defend her if necessary.

Francesca writes her diary about her encounters and any information related to them. She calls the diary The Book of Encounters. Modesto insists that this is her insurance for the future and uncertain times.

She does not allow patrons to visit her at her homewhere her beautiful twin daughters and Modesto are living.

Francesca is popular and expensive, her clothes are exquisite and her lifestyle lavish, but it’s only when, Gianni, a shy widow appears in her life. He treats her with a sensitivity she hasn’t seen before that she realizes she’s never truly been loved. Gianni changes the way Francesca sees herself and her career and she begins to question what she wants out of life.


The author of the book is Gabrielle Kim.  She is truly describing the streets and the then life of the citizens of Napoli in such a detailed and imaginable way. Just adore!



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