The five Cinque Terre villages are situated in northern Italy on the Mediterranean Sea, just 3 hours by train from Milan, Pisa and Florence. I have arrived by car and totally enjoyed the national park that spreads across the five villages.

La Spezia

My journey started in La Spezia. This was the very first stop as I was climbing up the Liguria region, having the view over the Ligurian sea. The city is famous for its 1800s maritime arsenal and the Technical Naval Museum, with ship models and navigational instruments. A great testimony to the city’s seafaring heritage.

The weather didn’t serve me but I was dedicated to go up my way.

The Cinque Terre are famous because they are on the cliff but the locals managed to use the steep soil to produce vegetables and wine. Quite a unique place.

Think of the Cinque Terre and your mind will most likely imagine colourful villages and beautiful fishing harbours. But among these bucolic towns, you’ll find both sultry swathes of sand and craggy coves where you can dive into the deep blue. From fancy lidos at the most Instagrammable spots on the Italian Riviera, to low-key hidden harbours…


Manarola is a picturesque village with its tiny harbor filled with colorful boats, perfect place for sunbathing and spectacular sea views. Whenever you have the sun.

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