Ardennes are super fun to visit. They are cold but there is loads of trails to discover. Hence, after so many locations, Rochefort was on the route as well.

Its ancient position at the crossroads where the route toĀ Saint-HubertĀ crossed that fromĀ LiĆØgeĀ toĀ BouillonĀ required fortifying: the ruins of the old castle, which gave the place its name and a title to a long line of counts who had the right of coining their own money, still exist.

What Rochefort is famous for as well is is aĀ TrappistĀ monastery, which operates theĀ Rochefort Brewery, known for brewing dark and sweet beers, especially the Rochefort 10, a deep dark-brown rich and fruity beer. Naturally, we had to try. We sat in a restaurant and ordered cold rochefort beer paired with typical rochefort cheese and mixed meat baked on a wooden grill. It was winter. It was strong. It was heavy. šŸ™‚

TheĀ Ć‰glise Notre-Dame de la Visitation de RochefortĀ (Church of the Visitation of the Holy Virgin) is a 17th century neo-classical building. It is part of the cityscape.

I finished my day by stopping at the nearest boucherie buying the famous jambon d’Ardenne. Madness, I know šŸ˜›

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